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A B O U  T

My Work

My compositions support business and personal branding. I portray persons, places and products in a semi documentary style. My work is characterized by attentions to details and dynamic. In portrait photography I adopt a minimalist approach. My lifestyle- and product photography deliver clean images, often with a touch of humor My clients also appreciate my fine art photography of which prints are available for purchase.


My View: "It is what it seems"

I see the world in structures, shapes, layers, patterns, colors and contrasts. My aim is to capture the feeling of the moment, the unnoticed beauty that is everywhere. To document people, places, events - for creating precious memories. The guiding principle of my work is authenticity to tell the essence of the story with few details and simple compositions. Balance, harmony, aesthetics are the way I use photography to stimulate the viewer imagination.


I grew up in a provincial town in what was then still communist Hungary. With a degree in business administrations I built up an international carrier and settled down in the Netherlands. By nature I am an observer and prefer listening instead of talking; a disciplined and organised person, driven by high standards. My background and inspirations have formed my vision and I turned my passion for photography into professional skills; I qualified in photographer through Fotoschool Amsterdam.

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